Dr.bei Children Toothbrush(6-12 Years)2 Piece, Blue

Consists of Twin Pack - 2 pcs Pink color / 2 pcs Blue color

Use Toray’s anti-bacterial bristles imported from Japan.
Up to 99.9% anti-bacterial.
Elastic brush neck (can be bent at any angle within 360 degrees) which is gentle to children's mouth when in use.
Consists of Toray anti-bacterial Silver Ion bristles for deep cleansing.

Suitable for children's silver-ion anti-bacterial fur, fine and comfortable.
Antibacterial rate of 99.99%, effectively protects children's oral safety.
Selection of imported food-grade material, through the United States FDA testing and Japan's Food and Drug Administration certification.
Use nickel silver fixed bristles, compared to traditional bristles in the iron, copper, less likely to breed bacteria- Elastic safety handle neck, brush head 180 degrees to any flexible around the bend, effectively avoid stabbing the mouth.
The toothbrush is covered with soft gel to ensure that children are not injured by fun activities.

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 10.99
Product Details
Weight : 38.00g
Dimension : 58x28x37(mm)