Electronic Dictionary Bookmark - English(uk) Pink

Move on from the bulky dictionaries of yesteryears. Having reduced from a three volume-1500 page mammoth, dictionaries have started to come in pocket sizes too. But how much can you possibly store on a hard copy? Not much right? We've got just the right solution to beat that problem - the Electronic Dictionary Bookmarks. This cool and unique Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is the latest, and savviest dictionary around in town. With a design like a TV remote (but a lot thinner) the Electronic Dictionary Bookmark has an LCD display at the top to give you instant meanings of variety of words. 'Variety' would actually be an understatement, cause the dictionary is pre-loaded with the meanings of a colossal 38,000 words.
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Product Details
Weight : 54.00g
Dimension : 105 x 222 x 20(mm)
Product Color : Pink