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Headstart in PSLE Chinese

Head Start in PSLE Chinese

Give your child a head start for next year's Chinese Syllabus!

Inline Skating Trial

Inline Skating Trial

For 4 years old and above. Our programmes focus greatly on our balancing skills for both adult and children. It is important to keep an active lifestyle in this modern world whereby we have become more sedentary, everything is within minutes of walking with the well developed public transport in Singapore, walking is kept to the minimal, therefore we hope to introduce Balance bike program and Inline Skating program to people of all ages mainly children age 2 and up. Having an active life from young can help children grow holistically. We aim to introduce our sports in a Fun, Positive and Safe way to ensure quality learning in both children and adult.

Mandarin Fundamentals N1 and N2

Imagine That for 3-5 yrs old Trial

The Imagine That! child has an incredible sense of imagination, boundless energy and enthusiasm. Imagine That! Provides you with an opportunity like no other… a chance to watch your child’s unique personality and developing individuality come to life. Together you’ll sing, dance, laugh and grow. He or she will also take their first steps in producing music components, independently, like rhythms, varying steady beats and ensemble skills.

Vocab compre and Compo

Nursery Science 3.5 to 5 yrs Trial

This program aims to fuse Science and Art for a full blast sensory learning experience for the young inquisitive minds. Each lesson is a great opportunity to explore new knowledge, answering their in-exhaustive list of questions. Hands on Science explorative class with Thematic Topics and Sensory learning for strong brain development.

IQ/EQ Trial Class

IQ/EQ Trial Class (3-6 years old)

To enhance IQ, creativity, logic, language, focus and memory as well as to minimize any imbalances of the left and right brain.

Fun Fishing at Southern Islands

Fun Fishing at Southern Islands

Hop aboard our yacht Artemis I for a day of fun and exploration in the waters off the Southern Islands of Singapore!

Phonics and Young Mathematician

Phonics and Young Mathematician

This comprehensive reading programme helps children acquire speech, reading and writing skills using the Montessori Method

Dining Etiquette Workshop 6-12 yrs

Children learn table manners with hands-on practical. Enjoy yummy food in a warm, cosy setting!

2000+ Classes, 500+ Teachers, 8 Specialities
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