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The most finite resource any manager has is time. This handbook teaches readers how to save and preserve their time by first understanding its limitations, and then showing them how to guard it. Practical guidance includes ways of limiting interaction with subordinates (e.g. "Don't sit down if you are followed into your office" and "Place your chair out of view if your door is open"), the benefits of keeping a time log, and how to spot (and avoid) a time-wasting trap. The book also takes full advantage of modern technology by explaining how to maximize e-mail, voicemail and other tools available to save precious time. The book is clear, concise and efficient, ensuring that none of the time you spend reading it is wasted. DK Essential Managers: Manage Your Time is part of the bestselling DK Essential Managers series. Packed with essential tips for today's competitive business world, these efficient guidebooks are ideal for anyone interested in improving their business skills. Concise treatment of dozens of techniques, skills, and methods make Essential Managers the most accessible guide to business available. 
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