Eurasian Heritage Cooking

By Quentin Pereira

The term Eurasian has been in use since the mid 19th century, during British rule in India. The British coined the term to define a person born to a British father and an Indian mother, and it was officially used in the Straits Settlements records in 1849. Today, the term is used to refer to a person who has both European and Asian parentage. The Eurasians in Singapore can trace their origins to various trading ports in the region where Europeans have settled, including Malacca, Penang, Bencoolen, Goa, Ceylon and Macau. Contained in these book is one of the most exciting collection of recipes for delectable Eurasian cooking that one can find.

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Quentin Pereira

Chef Quentin Pereira, best known as the Skinny Chef, is a leading name when it comes to Eurasian cuisine. He set up Quentinu2019s The Eurasian Restaurant giving Eurasian fare representation in Singaporeu2019s food-scape. He learned the art of cooking from his parents and grandparents and now shares well-kept family recipe secrets at his restaurant to impart his knowledge of Eurasian dishes to others. As a leading name in Eurasian cuisine, he has in numerous instances represented the Eurasian community with his cooking at such events as the People Associationu2019s Chingay celebrations, National Heritage Boardu2019s Heritage Fest and Overseas Singapore Unitu2019s Singapore Day in Shanghai, China, organised by the Prime Ministeru2019s Office.

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814435109