Food That Says Welcome

By Smith, Barbara

From the mother of Grammy Award winning singer Michael W. Smith, make your friends and family feel welcome, one meal at a time. "e;Welcome to my home as we share life and laughter around the table. It means sharing my life in such a way that there is always room for one more."e;Barbara Smith Some people naturally have the gift of hospitality, instinctively creating inviting, mouth-watering meals and a warm environment that assures guests, ';We're glad you're here.' Fortunately, says food expert Barbara Smith, the rest of us have the same potential to make guests feel nurtured, and here she offers an unforgettable treasury of recipes, tips, and how-to's for everyone with the spiritual gift of hospitalityand for the rest of us who want to look like we do. In Food That Says Welcome you' ll learn to: *; Make welcoming food that is healthy and easy to prepare. *; Create an atmosphere that says to your guests, ';You are special.' *; Make hospitality your ministry and service.Learn what makes Barbara Smith's meals and outreach so rave-worthy and discover how you can invoke the same spirit of hospitality in your own home and kitchen.
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Smith, Barbara

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Publisher : WaterBrook
Publication Date : Feb 19, 2009
ISBN-13 : 9780307499820