High Performance Computing and the Discrete Element Model

By Zhao, Gao-Feng

This book addresses the high performance computing of the Discrete Element Model (DEM). It is a comprehensive presentation of parallel implementation of the DEM on three popular parallel computing platforms; the multi-core PC, the GPU computer, and the cluster supercomputer. Featuring accompanying MatLab source this book helps you implement the DEM model for use with high performing technology, for particular implementation of the dynamic failure of solids, granular flow and stress wave propagation through solids.Features both Pre-processor, Solver, and Post-processor for the DEM Covers the parallel implementation of DEM on the cluster, multi-core PC, GPU PC Full of examples of dynamic fracturing, granular flow and stress wave propagation using high performance DEMSource codes and data files available for hands-on practice
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Zhao, Gao-Feng

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Publisher : ISTE Press - Elsevier
Publication Date : Oct 31, 2015
ISBN-13 : 9780081008096