By Lum Kit- Wye

All Elaine Chan has ever wanted is a loving husband and a houseful of children. But when her almost-fiancé unceremoniously dumps her after a humiliating episode involving childhood enemies, condoms and puking, Elaine realizes that a change is in order. Armed with an article promising to show her how to re-invent herself in just 5 easy steps, Elaine finds herself on a one-way coach ride to a new life, a new future, a new her.

But the complete makeover of Elaine is an arduous process, and is threatened with derailment by distractions like the mystery of the neighbour’s vanishing Indonesian maid, with which Elaine finds herself strangely obsessed. Her efforts to keep all the balls in the air as she plays glamour-puss, model girlfriend (to Evan, a hotshot young lawyer form work) and sleuth extraordinaire all rolled into one enticing depilated package, frequently lead her into situations that verge on the bizarre.

Thank heavens through all the perils that seem to dog her evolution, and whose relaxed attitude to life reminds Elaine of how she used to be.

As Elaine struggles to emerge as an elegant butterfly from the dowdy chrysalis that was her former self, she cannot help asking if these five steps are taking her to where she really wants to go.

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Lum Kit- Wye

Kit-Wye has written numerous best-selling novels and divides her time between her beach house in the Bahamas and her New York penthouse where she lounges around on her designer furniture seeking inspiration for her next best-selling booku2026JUST KIDDING! Actually, Kit-Wye spends all her time in Singapore where she works hard at her lecturing job and, together with her equally hard-working husband, runs after their two young sons, trying to stop them from destroying the Ikea furniture. This is her first novel

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814677417