Infographic Guide To The Globe

By Lonely Planet Kids ()

What is the most popular pet in the world? Where is the hottest place on Earth? When was the first country formed? Learn these and dozens of other fascinating facts about the planet and its people with this dynamically-illustrated and informative guide, with 48 colourful pages packed to the brim with graphs and charts about the world in which we live. Topics covered in the book include: The Earth's distance from the sun Record-breaking weather Largest and smallest countries Awesome animals World religions The World Wide Web Planets in motion And much, much more. With out-of-this-world illustrations by Gwen Keraval and intriguing facts compiled by Eliza Berkowitz, this is an enjoyable learning resource for both adults and kids alike.
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Number of Pages : 48
Publisher : Lonely Planet Global Limited
Publication Date : Nov 1, 2020
Weight : 740.00g
Sku : 9781838692254
Dimension : 247 x 273 x 10(mm)