Intergrated Mathematics Numbers,Graphs& Statistics For Secondary 2 (Express And IP)

By Alex Lim

While schools differ in their pace and the sequence in which the topics are being taught, their objective remains largely similar: to ensure their students are ready to take on the demands of the upper secondary mathematics syllabus and be ready for national examinations. It is this same desire to help my students that this series of books is conceived. I have written six books to cover all the topics in the entire lower secondary mathematics course: Algebra, Numbers, Graphs & Statistics and Geometry, Mensuration & Trigonometry. The examples and questions are paced to help students understand concepts, recognize common steps, see through typical trick questions and apply mathematical knowledge taught and learned. While the progressive practices ensure familiarity and exposure to a wide variety of question types, there are opportunities to exercise higher order thinking through the challenging questions provided in every topic. Detailed solutions are included to guide and help students through critical thinking processes. While my students will certainly benefit more from my personal teaching of these questions, I am sure many others will also benefit from working through the same questions systematically and studying the solutions diligently.
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