KlayKit Seasons on Earth

KlayKit® Young Learning: Neuroscience-Based Curriculum The KlayKit® Seasons on Earth is your educational revolution packaged in a box, and builds upon the KlayKit® Back-to-Basics. This KlayKit® dives into a variety of new topics for you and your child to explore together, month on month. Each play box includes sensorial cues for your child to discover their environment, nuggets of knowledge about the theme, and suggested craft projects to create. The KlayKit® Seasons on Earth is your child’s guide to exploring 4 different seasons - Spring and Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. Learning Outcomes: * Gross and Fine Motor Skills * Executive Functional Skills * Sensory Exploration * Foundation to Working with Clay * Creative and Abstract Thinking * Problem-Solving * Spatial Awareness * Memory Formation
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USD 140.77
Product Details
Weight : 1,000.00g
Dimension : 270 x 263 x 70(mm)
Product Color : Multi-Colour
Manufacturer : KlayKit®