koqo 100% Handmade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml Pump) All-In-One

Our 500ml family size Wet-mill virgin coconut oil is not only suitable for your face, skin, hair, it is an excellent wellness booster! This anti-aging, healing and protein-rich coconut oil is Mother Nature’s gift to health & beauty! Koqo face.body.hair premium, handmade, organic, wet-milled virgin coconut oil (VCO) is suitable for all skin types as a pure, natural moisturizer. The traditional method of wet-milling produces the highest quality coconut oil with the most nutrient-density. Envelope yourself in luxurious raw coconut oil packed with a glorious mix of lauric acid, vitamin e & fatty acids. Its nourishing & healing properties bring damaged hair to life. Benefits & Uses: - Diminish fine lines & wrinkles and keeps skin smooth and supple with regular use - great as a body moisturiser! - Effective make-up remover cleaning all traces of make-up. - Massage on hair scalp to detox and strengthen hair, prevents dandruff and split ends. - Apply on scalp and hair ends for strong & shiny hair. - Great massage oil & carrier oil - Oil-pulling by swishing the oil around in your mouth for healthier gums and brighter teeth. -Drink it to boost energy & your metabolic rate, strengthen immune system or mix it in your smoothies & salads to aid in digestion. - Improves brain function & balance hormonal changes - Kills candida & yeast - Coconut oil is a great alternative if you want to avoid dairy. You can substitute butter with coconut oil in your cooking & baking. - Safe for babies & moms to treat nappy rash, cradle crap & sore nipples -This natural, chemical-free oil is safe for all in the family... pets included! Note: Coconut oil solidifies at 24 degrees Celsius, stand in warm water & it changes back to oil. This does not affect the quality of the oil. Ingredient: 100% Handmade, Wet-milled, Raw & Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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Weight : 600.00g
Dimension : 19 x 8 x 8(mm)
Manufacturer : koqo Asia