Lisa's Inedible Gourmet #2

By Hotori Kurosato ()

A little bit of magic, a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of comfort food. The seasons are changing, and with it comes unexpected ghosts from the past. Akkun encounters a mysterious voice in the library, while Touma bumps into some Wanderers who have a history with him. Meanwhile, Lisa is called back to her hometown to attend the wake of an old friend. Their pasts come with heavy memories, but a delicious meal will carry them through and warm their hearts again…
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Hotori Kurosato

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Number of Pages : 168
Publisher : Shogakukan Asia
Publication Date : Mar 31, 2021
Weight : 180.00g
Sku : 9789811486548
Dimension : 190.5 X 127 X 190.5(mm)