Literature Lures: Using Picture Books and Novels to Motivate Middle School Readers

By Ebbesmeyer, Joan

Motivate middle school students to become more involved in literature! Introducing hundreds of sophisticated and thought-provoking picture books on a variety of topics, this book shows you how to connect students to literature through picture books. Each title was carefully chosen, using as criteria the quality of the writing, the importance of its message, and how easily it could serve as a springboard to novels. Students will become familiar with the basic components of literature, understand idioms and analogies, recognize literary devices, and determine a text's main ideas. Each topic includes questions and writing prompts that will challenge your students. With this book, you will be able to deepen students' understanding of the writer's craft and inspire them to immerse themselves in quality literature.
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Ebbesmeyer, Joan

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Publisher : Libraries Unlimited
Publication Date : Apr 9, 2002
ISBN-13 : 9780313010101