Long Long Time Ago (Part 2) Chinese

By Directed by Jack Neo, Illustrated by James Teo

Long Long Time Ago Part 2 is a continuation from the first movie and tracks Singapore’s growth after independence, when foreign companies set up industries in the country and created employment opportunities for the people. With a farming license inherited from her father, Zhao Di works hard to get the farm going and establishes her independence in the household. Zhao Di’s growth and independence parallels Singapore’s gradual shift from agriculture to modernization and the bright future she has ahead of her. Despite the wonderful times they had growing up in a kampong, it’s not long before Zhao Di and family must bid a fond farewell to their beloved kampong and look forward to their new lives in the HDB flats.
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Directed by Jack Neo

Illustrated by James Teo

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Number of Pages : 136
Publication Date : May 16, 2001
Weight : 200.00g
ISBN-13 : 9789814751209
Dimension : 210 x 148(mm)