Looking Through The Mirror

By Paul Tan

Looking through the Mirror is a guide for parents who are struggling with their teenagers and feeling inadequate and helpless. Written as a story about a father who consciously prepares his son for the teenage years from pre-teen age, this book uses daily-life experiences to illustrate key parenting skills and injects provoking thoughts which function as a mirror for reflection. This book will help parents nurture a loving relationship with their teenagers. Important issues and challenges in the teenager’s life are also presented and dealt with.
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About Author

Paul Tan

Paul Tan is married to Janei Sim and they have four children: Joshua, Joseph, Joel and Rebecca, all moving into their teenage years. He graduated with a Master's degree in chemistry in 1986 and a degree in counselling in 2005. For several years now, Paul has used his professional counselling training to help the youth in the church he has attended since 1990. He served as an adult volunteer counsellor at a secondary school for two years. Paul was certified as a lead facilitator in the "No Apologies" programme with Focus on the Family, Singapore, in May 2002. He served as a chaplain in the Boys' Brigade from 2003-2005.

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