Lost Circulation

By Lavrov, Alexandre

Lost Circulation: Mechanisms and Solutions provides the latest information on a long-existing problem for drilling and cementing engineers that can cause improper drilling conditions, safety risks, and annual losses of millions of wasted dollars for oil and gas companies. While several conferences have convened on the topic, this book is the first reliable reference to provide a well-rounded, unbiased approach on the fundamental causes of lost circulation, how to diagnose it in the well, and how to treat and prevent it in future well planning operations. As today's drilling operations become more complex, and include situations such as sub-salt formations, deepwater wells with losses caused by cooling, and more depleted reservoirs with reduced in-situ stresses, this book provides critical content on the current state of the industry that includes a breakdown of basics on stresses and fractures and how drilling fluids work in the wellbore. The book then covers the more practical issues caused by induced fractures, such as how to understand where the losses are occurring and how to use proven preventative measures such as wellbore strengthening and the effect of base fluid on lost circulation performance. Supported by realistic case studies, this book separates the many myths from the known facts, equipping today's drilling and cementing engineer with a go-to solution for every day well challenges.Understand the processes, challenges and solutions involved in lost circulation, a critical problem in drillingGain a balance between fundamental understanding and practical application through real-world case studiesSucceed in solving lost circulation in today's operations such as wells involving casing drilling, deepwater, and managed pressure drilling
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Lavrov, Alexandre

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Publisher : Gulf Professional Publishing
Publication Date : Mar 16, 2016
ISBN-13 : 9780128039410