Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman

By Evans, Polly

Polly Evans had a mission: to learn everything possible about the howling, tail-wagging world of sled dogs. Fools errand? Or the adventure of a lifetime? The intrepid world traveler was about to find out.In the dead of winter, Polly Evans ventured to Canadas far northwest, where temperatures plunge to minus forty and the sun rises for just a few hours each day. But though she was prepared for the cold, she never anticipated how profoundly shed be affected by that blissful and austere place. In a pristine landscape patrolled by wolves and caribou, the wannabe musher was soon learning the ropes of arctic dogsledding, careening across the silent tundra with her own team of yapping, leaping canines. Shivering but undaunted, Polly follows the tracks of the legendary Yukon Quest, a dogsledding race more arduous than the Iditarod, witnessing a life-and-death spectacle shell never forget. Along the way she makes a stop at the Santa Clause house in North Pole, Alaska (where the post office delivers unstamped mail), and witnesses the astonishing northern lights weaving green and red across the sky. And before the snows melt in spring, Polly will have discovered a deep affection for the loving, mischievous huskies whose courage and enthusiasm escort her through the delights and dangers of living life at the extremein one of the most forbidding places on earth.From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Evans, Polly

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Publisher : Delta
Publication Date : Jan 27, 2009
ISBN-13 : 9780440338260