Magnetic Fusion Energy

By Neilson, George (Edited by)

Magnetic Fusion Energy: From Experiments to Power Plants is a timely exploration of the field, giving readers an understanding of the experiments that brought us to the threshold of the ITER era, as well as the physics and technology research needed to take us beyond ITER to commercial fusion power plants. With the start of ITER construction, the world's magnetic fusion energy (MFE) enterprise has begun a new era. The ITER scientific and technical (S&T) basis is the result of research on many fusion plasma physics experiments over a period of decades. Besides ITER, the scope of fusion research must be broadened to create the S&T basis for practical fusion power plants, systems that will continuously convert the energy released from a burning plasma to usable electricity, operating for years with only occasional interruptions for scheduled maintenance. Provides researchers in academia and industry with an authoritative overview of the significant fusion energy experimentsConsiders the pathway towards future development of magnetic fusion energy power plantsContains experts contributions from editors and others who are well known in the field
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Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Publication Date : Jun 2, 2016
ISBN-13 : 9780081003268