Me Vs. The Multiverse: Pleased To Meet Me

By Wilson, S. G. ()

It all starts with a note folded into the shape of an origami octopus: "Hi, Me. Yes, you. You're me, and I'm you." If you believe this and the other origami notes that follow—which middle schooler Meade Macon absolutely, positively does NOT—the concept of parallel dimensions is true, and there is a convention full of alternate versions of Meade waiting for his RSVP. It's got to be a joke. Except . . . the octopus is an origami fold Meade thought he invented. And the note writer has a lot of intel on him that nobody else should know. I mean, he's told his best friend Twig a lot about himself, but he's definitely kept mum about that time he sleepwalk-peed into his Lego container when he was six. Could Me Con be a real thing? And should he go?
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Wilson, S. G.

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Number of Pages : 288
Publisher : Yearling
Publication Date : Aug 17, 2021
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