Mini Cat Strap Pillow

Mini Cat pillow with strap to strap onto the child's hand so as to prevent it from dropping to the floor while outdoor. It is made with Cotton and Linen and microfiber filling. It is safe and hygenic for children as it can be machine washable. Can be personalize with fabric marker.

About Connezt Dots

Connezt Dots is a Social Enterprise Company that aims to provide employment for the less privileges through the sewing and sales of various items and classes. These items are individually handmade by our beneficiaries such as:

  • Single mother
  • Physically immobile
  • Chronic sickness
  • Illness recovering
  • Ladies who stay home to look after sick parents / children

Thank you for your support.

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 8.87
Product Details
Weight : 40.00g
Dimension : 20 x 15(mm)