Molecular Wine Microbiology

By Garcia, Ramon Gonzalez (Edited by)

Molecular Wine Microbiology features rigorous scientific content written at a level comprehensible for wine professionals as well as advanced students. It includes information on production and spoilage issues, the microbial groups relevant for wine production and microbial wine safety. Microbiology has long been recognized as a key tool in studying wine production, however only recently have wine microbiology studies been addressed at a molecular level, increasing the understanding of how microbiology impacts not only the flavor quality of the wine, but also its safety. Understanding, at a molecular level, how a starter culture can impact ethanol, glycerol, volatile phenols, mannoproteins, biogenic amines or ochratoxin A of a wine are just some of the core points that must be considered in order to achieve maximium consumer acceptability while addressing safety concerns during processing and storage. While other books offer insights into the technological aspects of enology, this book is written by expert microbiologists, who explore the positive and negative impacts of gene function in the production of wine, from a microbiological point of view.Winner of the 2012 Jury Award in Enology from the International Organisation of Vine and WinePresents the most current methods of studying the microbiology of wineIncludes latest identification and typing methods, reducing identification time from days and weeks to minutes and hoursProvides important knowledge about the impact of microbiological factors at the molecular level for reduction of wine spoilage and increased wine quality and safety
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Publisher : Academic Press
Publication Date : May 23, 2011
ISBN-13 : 9780080962580