Moo-o My Eq (responsibilities) Chinese Readers

Moo-O is an immersive digital storybook that lets children role-play as story characters in the book. Used in many primary schools and kindergartens, it is an effective and engaging way for young children to practice and master their language skills, especially their oral skills. Moo-O My EQ (Responsibilities) Chinese Readers consists of 4 Chinese readers based on responsibilities that are written by well-known pre-school teacher educator Dr Connie Lum. Suitable for children aged 6 to 9. 

Digital Storybook will be valid for 12 months upon redemption of code 

*Requires the Moo-O Plus App

How to redeem the digital book

1. Visit and follow the 3-step process to redeem your stories.
2. If you are a new user without the Moo-O Plus app, please download from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or
3. After you have completed Step 1 and Step 2 successfully, you will be able find your redeemed stories inside the Moo-O Plus app after you sign in with your user account.

Status: Available for Purchase
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