National Geographic Sparkling Play Sand (Blue)

Play Sand with a Sparkling Twist! Your child will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping this enthralling play sand! A special mixture of sand that doesn't dry out, this sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry; it’s also incredibly easy to clean up! So don’t worry about a mess or dust – our premium quality play sand is designed to provide all the fun and none of the hassle. This kit includes: 6 sand molds, a sand tray and 2 lbs of blue sparkling play sand This amazing sand is great fun for children of all ages and even for adults. Get your play sand today and you’ll discover why everyone is raving about National Geographic’s play sand ­– it’s really that fun!
Status: Available for Purchase
USD 16.04
Product Details
Weight : 1,080.00g
Dimension : 23.5 x 15.5 x 5.5(mm)
Manufacturer : National Geographic