Y No Hakobune #2

By Seimaru Amagi ()

SOLVE THE RIDDLES TO ESCAPE THE ROOMS OF DEATH! Thanks to Kazuma, the five companions have overcome trial after trial in this bizarre world and survived. But now that he has fallen into a mysterious slumber, the rest are forced to rely on their own wits in order to survive! As time runs out in the lastest trial- the grim reaper's riddle- one of them makes a brave decision in an attempt to save the others.
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About Author

Seimaru Amagi

Eichi Tsuwabuki

Product Details
Number of Pages : 192
Publisher : Shogakukan Asia
Publication Date : Dec 31, 2020
Weight : 200.00g
Sku : 9789811460029
Dimension : 190.5 X 127 X 190.5(mm)