Once Upon a Midnight Eerie: Book #2

By Gordon McAlpine, Sam Zuppardi (Illustrated by)

A perfect choice for smart,funny tweens who love Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket. In The Tell-Tale Start,Edgar and Allan Poe (great-great-great-great-grandnephews of the legendary Edgar Allan Poe) managed to outwit the nefarious Professor P. Pangborn Perry,who was (and is) determined to kill just one of them,in order to prove a mad scientific theory. Now the boys are in New Orleans,about to play the young Poe in a feature film. But the role may cost them their lives,because now someone else wants them dead. But who? And can the twins—with the help of their co-stars,Em and Milly Dickinson,their ghostly forebear,and a pair of real ghosts—manage to outwit them?
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Gordon McAlpine

Sam Zuppardi Illustrated by

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Binding : Paperback / softback
Number of Pages : 208
Publisher : Penguin USA
Publication Date : Jun 29, 2015
Weight : 136.00g
ISBN-13 : 9780142423493
Dimension : 196 x 132 x 13(mm)