Oracle Solaris 11 System Virtualization Essentials

By Netherton, Bob

A Concise, Up-to-Date Guide to Oracle Virtualization Technologies, Including Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Physical Domains, and Oracle VM Virtual Box Oracle(R) Solaris 11 System Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition, has been fully updated for Oracle 11 and is a complete, practical, and up-to-date guide to selecting, implementing, and applying today's Oracle virtualization technologies to real-world business problems. Four Oracle experts thoroughly cover current Oracle Solaris virtualization options. They help you understand key use cases, including consolidation, asynchronous workloads, software development, testing/staging, workload mobility, legacy OS support, provisioning, scalability, fine-grained OS changes, and security. They also compare and address each leading approach to virtualization: OS virtualization, hypervisor-based virtual machines, and hardware partitioning. The authors illuminate the use of virtualization with many Oracle software applications and engineered systems, including SuperCluster, Secure Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure, Exalytics, Oracle Database, and security hardening scenarios. Bringing together case study examples and in-the-trenches experience, this guide explains how to Leverage Oracle Solaris Zones to improve security, deployment, resource usage, and management Use Logical Domains to deploy different versions of Oracle Solaris on SPARC systems Maximize workload isolation on SPARC systems with Physical Domains Use Oracle Solaris Zones to optimize workload efficiency and scalability Improve data center flexibility with live migration Develop and test software in heterogeneous environments with Oracle VM Virtual Box Mix virtualization technologies to maximize workload density Migrate Solaris 10 workloads to new hardware via Solaris Zones Register your product at for convenient access to downloads, updates, and corrections as they become available.
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Publisher : Prentice Hall
Publication Date : Feb 9, 2017
ISBN-13 : 9780134441870