Ottaviano Petrucci: A Catalogue Raisonne

By Boorman, Stanley

The innovative work in design, typography, and content of music printer and publisher Ottaviano Petrucci (1446-1539) became the standard by which all following printers measured themselves. He created the defining moment when Italy took the lead in book printing in the Renaissance. This book is a bibliographic study of the output of the Petrucci presses, laying emphasis on the professional career of Petrucci. It includes a detailed study of technique and house-style, examining the market forces that drove Petrucci's publishing decisions, and provides a detailed catalogue of editions and copies. Stanley Boorman has made a study of the output of Petrucci's presses for 25 years. This long-awaited contribution to the field of bibliography will have an audience both in music and in rare book bibliography.
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Boorman, Stanley

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Publisher : Oxford University Press
Publication Date : Oct 28, 2005
ISBN-13 : 9780195349603