Peranakan Heritage Cooking

By Philip Chia

Long before fusion cuisine captured the imagination of the world, the Peranakans were blending Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques with the spices and native ingredients used by the indigenous Malays, over time establishing a repertoire of recipes avidly followed to this day. Peranakan food is typically aromatic and spicy and features ingredients that include cocnut milk, galangal, turmeric, candlenuts, laksa leaves, pandan leaves, tamarind pulp, lemongrass, chillies, shallots, basil and coriander.

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About Author

Philip Chia

Philip Chia, began his passionate love affair with cooking from the age of 6, starting by pounding spices with a batu lesong (mortar and pestle) to make sambal belachan, for his adopted family at Joo Chiat Road. His love for cooking grew day by day and he started picking up cooking tips from his aunty and recorded the ingredients and the step-by-step cooking methods in his handy exercise book.

In 1977, he was invited to participate in a cooking competition where he emerged among the top eight in the finals judged by the late Mrs Lee Chin Koon. This event spurred him on to hone his cooking skills further. Throughout his growing years, Philip picked up tips and secrets of authentic Peranakan cooking from the older generation of Peranakans. Being an active member of The Peranakan Association also allowed him to develop a greater appreciation for the Peranakan culture. Today, Philip is highly sought-after as a Peranakan chef and cooking instructor. He is often invited as a guest chef to do Pernakan food promotions both locally and abroad and he has also appeared on several television programmes to promote Peranakan cooking.

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