Piloting Basics Handbook

By Bjork, Lewis

The ultimate guide for flying skillfully and safely Now, in one comprehensive volume you can get both step-by-step instruction in basic piloting skills, and FARs that every pilot must be able to reference and understand. Piloting Basics by Lewis Bjork truly packs all the detailed, profusely illustrated how-to information you need. From total preflight preparations to takeoffs and landings, it s all here: basic instrument flying transitioning to multiengine airplanes navigating reading standard and supplemental visual charts flying in special-use airspace working with transponders operating in class B, class C, and TRSA airport environments what to do in an emergency and much, much more. You learn vital facts about terminal radar approach and departure control facilities, air route traffic control centers, and Unicorn and Multicom airport radio communications. What s more, this pilot s information powerhouse puts at your fingertips the expertise of six bestselling references: Love s Flight Maneuvers and Light Airplane Navigation Essentials -- plus must-have aviation classics including Illman s Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook, 5th Edition; Lankford s Understanding Aeronautical Charts, 2nd Edition and Frazier s ABCs of Safe Flying, 4th Edition.
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Bjork, Lewis

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Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date : Nov 7, 2000
ISBN-13 : 9780071433983