Popping Game, Octagon (green)

The clever, ingenious, addictive bubble-popping game everyone loves!
Enjoy the fidgety bubble-popping action to relieve stress or, if you feel like, match wits in a Last One Lost game against an opponent. Last One Lost Popping Game is compact and has no loose or loud sound-making pieces, making it ideal for playing in the car, bus, plane, restaurant or school. Made from durable, high-quality silicone, it can be placed in hot water and washed with soap for a thorough clean. Water-resistant, it is great for outdoor play while camping, at the beach or pool. The heat-resistant material offers long-lasting creative uses as well, eg. as a coaster.
• Game play objective: Be the player who forces the opponent to pop the last bubble
• On a player's turn, they select a row and presses down any number of bubbles on that row. The opponent then presses down any number of un-pressed bubbles in a row of their choice. The player left to press the last bubble on the board loses the round.
• Flip over the board to play another round of Last One Lost. Simple and Advanced rules included.

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Product Details
Weight : 75.00g
Dimension : 127 x 152 x 12.5(mm)