Quantifiers in Action

By Badia, Antonio

The database industry is a multi-billion, world-wide, all-encompassing part of the software world. Quantifiers in Action: Generalized Quantification in Query, Logical and Natural Languages introduces a query language called GQs-Generalized Quantification in Query. Most query languages are simply versions of First Order Logic (FOL). GQs are an extension of the idea of quantifier in FOL. GQs are a perfect example of a practical theory within databases.This book provides a brief background in logic and introduces the concept of GQs, and then develops a query language based on GQs. Using Query Language with Generalized Quantifiers, the reader explores the efficient implementation of the concept, always a primary consideration in databases. This professional book also includes several extensions for use with documents employing question and answer techniques.Designed for practitioners and researchers within the database management field; also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science.
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Badia, Antonio

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Publisher : Springer
Publication Date : Apr 3, 2009
ISBN-13 : 9780387095646