Rhyming Round Asia: Festivals And Customs Book & Cd

By Kathleen Chia and Linda Gan ()

This picture book Rhyming Round Asia: Festivals and Customs features most of the major festivals and the fascinating customs associated with them, that are celebrated by the different communities and cultural groups in the region. The rhymes, songs and activities are supported by attractive full-colour illustrations. The upbeat rhymes and songs are captured on a CD which accompanies the book for children to recite and sing along to. The ‘Let’s Make’ activities provide hands-on experiences which guide adults and children to produce materials which can be used to enhance enjoyment and participation in some of the festivals. This book is produced under the guidance of the MOE branch of the Lee Kuan Yew fund for bilingualism, hence the authencity and the celebration will be culturally accurate. The festivals cover in this book are as follows: Chinese New Year, Pongal, Thaipusam, The Snow Festival, The Snow Festival, Easter, The Water Festival, The Dragon Boat Festival, Ramadan and Hari Raya, The Mid-Autumn Festival, Deepavali, The Festival of Lights and Christmas. This book is part of the "Rhyming round...series", with the first and most successful one being "Rhyming round Singapore", with the third edition due end 2020.
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About Author

Kathleen Chia and Linda Gan

Kathleen and Linda lived and taught in London before marrying Singaporeans and settling here in 1969 and 1979 respectively. They both hold Master’s degrees in Child Development from the University of London and have a long involvement with education in Singapore. Linda was lecturing at the National Institute of Education for 31 years, while Kathleen was a free-lance teacher trainer working mainly with child care and kindergarten teachers. They share a love of writing for young children and have written curricula and language arts materials as well as reading, story and vocabulary books. They published many children books, including "Rhyming round Singapore", part of the "Rhyming round.." series.

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