Science PSLE Revision & Exam Papers (4th Edition)

By Teo-Gwan Wai Lan

Science PSLE Revision & Examination Papers 4th Edition is designed to help pupils apply their conceptual knowledge and process skills to examination questions in order to prepare for their PSLE. Features of this book includes: * Revision Papers to help give a systematic assessment of topics learnt from Lower Block to Upper Block. These papers have been classified into Physical Science and Life Science papers, enabling pupils to identify topic-specific weaknesses and work towards overcoming them. *Examination Papers give pupils the necessary practice and confidence to handle the PSLE. *Strategies for Answering Examination questions help pupils understand the requirements of the different types of examination questions and provide guidelines on answering both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. *Detailed Answers and Explanations address all questions in the papers to facilitate pupils' assessment and clear their misconceptions.
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