Score Building Mathematics Knowledge & Skills Week By Week Workbook 3

SCORE - Building Mathematics Knowledge and Skills Week by Week is a series of six workbooks that aim to boost a student’s mastery of Mathematics through varied exercises covering essential topics and concepts taught in the classroom according to the latest syllabus set forth by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Table of Contents - This shows clearly the sequence of topics that are arranged in tandem with school textbooks. Spread over 52 weeks, they comprise both topical and review exercises. Topical Exercises - Questions in these exercises are designed to provide ample practice so that the student’s knowledge and understanding of specific topics can be reinforced. Review Exercises - Questions in these sections serve as a test of the student’s ability to recall and apply mathematical concepts previously learned in order to solve problems. Web Links - Useful links, wherever applicable, are included, pointing to relevant websites that offer supplementary information pertaining to current topics. Answers - Designed with an option to be an independent booklet, the answer key contains full worked solutions to all questions. Tear-out Format - Topics and exercises can be easily removed and presented as homework or class work or quizzes. Answer pages can also be removed and filed away for future reference.
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