Self Reiki (a Little Book Of Self Care)

By DK UK ()

Harness the power of your own hands and use reiki techniques at home - to harmonise and heal. A reiki session produces a feeling of radiance and a sense of calm, peace, security, and harmony of body and mind. It can also alleviate pain and treat stress and anxiety. There is so much more to reiki than the hands-on body work that it is most known for. Here we give you over 50 self-reiki techniques and exercises that you can use anytime, anywhere. Connect with the universal energy and come home to your true self - using meditation, mantra, visualisation, breathwork, and distant as well as hands-on healing. This ancient Japanese hands-on healing system is gaining interest and popularity as more people turn to Eastern medicine - in particular, Japanese wellness traditions - for inspiration. And the more you can do at home, outside of visits to a therapist, the more benefits you will enjoy.
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Number of Pages : 144
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Publication Date : Dec 26, 2019
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