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  1. Homer's Odyssey
    Homer's Odyssey

    by Cooper, Gwen

    USD 23.54
  2. I'm a Good Dog
    I'm a Good Dog

    by Foster, Ken

    USD 20.51
  3. Horse

    by Williams, Wendy

    USD 12.92
  4. Mythology of Horses
    Mythology of Horses

    by Hausman, Loretta

    USD 18.00
  5. Clara, the Early Years
    Clara, the Early Years

    by Kaufman, Margo

    USD 17.57
  6. Dogs Can Sign, Too
    Dogs Can Sign, Too

    by Senechal, Sean

    USD 20.77
  7. Catwatching

    by Morris, Desmond

    USD 13.78
  8. Barker's Grub
    Barker's Grub

    by Edalati, Rudy

    USD 18.00
  9. Philosopher's Dog
    Philosopher's Dog

    by Gaita, Raimond

    USD 23.54
  10. Dog Is My Co-Pilot
    Dog Is My Co-Pilot

    by Bark Editors

    USD 18.00
  11. God of All Creation
    God of All Creation

    by Robison, James

    USD 18.00
  12. Divine Life of Animals
    Divine Life of Animals

    by Tompkins, Ptolemy

    USD 16.61
  13. Soul of a Horse
    Soul of a Horse

    by Camp, Joe

    USD 20.77
  14. Be the Pack Leader
    Be the Pack Leader

    by Peltier, Melissa Jo

    USD 19.38
  15. Brad Pattison Unleashed
    Brad Pattison Unleashed

    by Pattison, Brad

    USD 22.15

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