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  1. Bound Feet & Western Dress
    Bound Feet & Western Dress

    by Chang, Pang-Mei

    USD 21.55
  2. Buried Alive
    Buried Alive

    by Friedman, Myra

    USD 14.41
  3. Memoirs

    by Rockefeller, David

    USD 16.01
  4. Whittaker Chambers
    Whittaker Chambers

    by Tanenhaus, Sam

    USD 20.83
  5. Alicia

    by Appleman, Alicia

    USD 11.44
  6. May Sarton
    May Sarton

    by Peters, Margot

    USD 24.02
  7. Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson

    by Rampersad, Arnold

    USD 19.21
  8. Nicholas and Alexandra
    Nicholas and Alexandra

    by Massie, Robert K.

    USD 20.83
  9. Death in the Jungle
    Death in the Jungle

    by Maki, Alan

    USD 10.16
  10. Master Chief
    Master Chief

    by Smith, Gary R.

    USD 9.60
  11. Days of Grace
    Days of Grace

    by Rampersad, Arnold

    USD 11.21
  12. Cabin

    by Mamet, David

    USD 15.26
  13. Letters to a Young Poet
    Letters to a Young Poet

    by Rilke, Rainer Maria, Mitchell, Stephen (Foreword by), Mitchell, Stephen (Translated by)

    USD 13.99
  14. Meet George Washington
    Meet George Washington

    by Heilbroner, Joan

    USD 6.35
  15. Thurgood Marshall
    Thurgood Marshall

    by Williams, Juan

    USD 16.01

Items 46-60 of 1122

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