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  1. Gilded Age
    Gilded Age

    by Warner, Charles Dudley, Powers, Ron (Introduction by)

    USD 14.24
  2. Gambler

    by Dostoevsky, Fyodor, Garnett, Constance (Translated by)

    USD 3.22
  3. Duel

    by Chekhov, Anton, Hemon, Aleksandar (Introduction by), Garnett, Constance (Translated by)

    USD 10.17
  4. Confidence-Man

    by Melville, Herman, Bryant, John (Introduction by)

    USD 13.22
  5. Bostonians

    by James, Henry, Byatt, A. S. (Introduction by)

    USD 3.55
  6. Best Short Stories of Mark Twain
    Best Short Stories of Mark Twain

    by Twain, Mark, Hamill, Pete (Introduction by), Berkove, Lawrence (Edited by)

    USD 15.25
  7. Algerine Captive
    Algerine Captive

    by Tyler, Royall, Crain, Caleb (Introduction by)

    USD 15.25
  8. Tarzan of the Apes
    Tarzan of the Apes

    by Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Vidal, Gore (A19), Taliaferro, James (Introduction by)

    USD 3.22
  9. Romola

    by Eliot, George, Kiely, Robert (Introduction by)

    USD 16.27
  10. Passing

    by Larsen, Nella, Henderson, Mae (Foreword by), Shange, Ntozake (Introduction by)

    USD 10.75
  11. New Grub Street
    New Grub Street

    by Gissing, George, Prose, Francine (Introduction by)

    USD 3.22
  12. Mosses from an Old Manse
    Mosses from an Old Manse

    by Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Oliver, Mary (Introduction by)

    USD 3.22
  13. Imperium in Imperio
    Imperium in Imperio

    by Griggs, Sutton, Verdelle, A.J. (Preface by), West, Cornel (Introduction by)

    USD 3.22
  14. Fathers and Sons
    Fathers and Sons

    by Turgenev, Ivan, Slater, Ann Pasternak (Introduction by), Allen, Elizabeth Cheresh (B02), Garnett, Constance (Translated by)

    USD 12.21
  15. Dombey and Son
    Dombey and Son

    by Dickens, Charles, Lethem, Jonathan (Introduction by)

    USD 3.22

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