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  1. Baking Cakes in Kigali
    Baking Cakes in Kigali

    by Parkin, Gaile

    USD 14.22
  2. Sweeping Up Glass
    Sweeping Up Glass

    by Wall, Carolyn

    USD 16.27
  3. All That Matters
    All That Matters

    by Choy, Wayson

    USD 15.25
  4. Cities of the Plain
    Cities of the Plain

    by McCarthy, Cormac

    USD 12.29
  5. Dangerous Fortune
    Dangerous Fortune

    by Follett, Ken

    USD 12.29
  6. Martha Calhoun
    Martha Calhoun

    by Babcock, Richard

    USD 12.91
  7. I'll Be Home Late Tonight
    I'll Be Home Late Tonight

    by Thames, Susan

    USD 13.22
  8. Machine Dreams
    Machine Dreams

    by Phillips, Jayne Anne

    USD 14.24
  9. Russka

    by Rutherfurd, Edward

    USD 15.41
  10. Snopes

    by Faulkner, William, Garrett, George (Introduction by)

    USD 25.43
  11. Promises

    by Plain, Belva

    USD 7.12
  12. Girl in the Glass
    Girl in the Glass

    by Meissner, Susan

    USD 14.24
  13. Aprons on a Clothesline
    Aprons on a Clothesline

    by DePree, Traci

    USD 11.19
  14. Maine

    by Sullivan, J. Courtney

    USD 15.25
  15. Storm

    by Moor, Margriet De, Janeway, Carol (Translated by)

    USD 23.39

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