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  1. Beaufort

    by Leshem, Ron, Fallenberg, Evan (Translated by)

    USD 10.66
  2. Force Protection
    Force Protection

    by Kent, Gordon

    USD 9.88
  3. Ordinary Heroes
    Ordinary Heroes

    by Turow, Scott

    USD 11.51
  4. Hornet Flight
    Hornet Flight

    by Follett, Ken

    USD 12.70
  5. Night Sky
    Night Sky

    by Francis, Clare

    USD 12.70
  6. 1916

    by Llywelyn, Morgan

    USD 20.16
  7. Caine Mutiny Court-Martial
    Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

    by Wouk, Herman

    USD 9.67
  8. Final Flight
    Final Flight

    by Coonts, Stephen

    USD 8.06
  9. Paco's Story
    Paco's Story

    by Heinemann, Larry

    USD 17.75
  10. Four Deuces
    Four Deuces

    by Crawford, C.S.

    USD 9.67
  11. Close Quarters
    Close Quarters

    by Heinemann, Larry

    USD 21.79
  12. Walking to Gatlinburg
    Walking to Gatlinburg

    by Mosher, Howard Frank

    USD 17.75
  13. Underdogs

    by Azuela, Mariano, Stavans, Ilan (Introduction by), Jorgensen, Beth (B02), E. Munguia, Jr. (Translated by)

    USD 4.83
  14. When the Emperor Was Divine
    When the Emperor Was Divine

    by Otsuka, Julie

    USD 21.12
  15. Breaking Jewel
    Breaking Jewel

    by Oda, Makoto, Keene, Donald (Translated by)

    USD 38.12

Items 1-15 of 21

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