My Pals are Here! Maths Pupil's Book 6A (2nd Edition) eBook

Filled with activities that build on mathematical concepts, skills and strategies for learning, My Pals are Here! (2nd Edition) encourages the collaborative learning of Mathematics in groups and provide a variety of hands-on activities and games to consolidate the concepts learnt. They contain:

• Let’s Explore! investigative activities for pupils to discuss alternative solutions to open-ended questions.

• Play this game! and Carry out this activity to reinforce skills, concepts and problem-solving strategies through co-operative learning.

• Maths Journal to offers opportunities for self-reflection.

• Put On Your Thinking Caps! to nurture critical-thinking skills and challenge pupils to solve non-routine and higher-order thinking questions. Suggestions for meaningful parental involvement in activities outside the classroom are also available via Home Maths.

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish Education
ISBN-13 : 9789814684590