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Play time doesn’t mean the end of learning and skill development! At GoGuru, we have an array of fun games, novelties and educational toys for toddlers. Explore tons of interactive and educational toys for 1 and 2 year olds such as Magformers sets, handmade soft plushies and colour matching games. We also carry educational toys for 3 year olds like floor puzzles, play sand and slime.

From popular picks every child will love to exclusive and one-of-a-kind products, GoGuru makes searching for educational toys quick, easy, and fun. Browse through our selection to find the perfect toys for your precious one’s playtime.

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  1. Matata Friends
    Matata Friends
    USD 35.06
  2. Matatalab Animation Add-on
    Matatalab Animation Add-on
    USD 42.09
  3. Matatalab Sensor Add-on
    Matatalab Sensor Add-on
    USD 69.57
  4. Matatalab Lite
    Matatalab Lite
    USD 118.76
  5. Matatalab Artist Add-on
    Matatalab Artist Add-on
    USD 35.06
  6. Matatalab Musician Add-on
    Matatalab Musician Add-on
    USD 56.15
  7. Matatalab Coding Set
    Matatalab Coding Set
    USD 181.30
  8. Matatalab Pro Set
    Matatalab Pro Set
    USD 241.73
  9. Hiwonder Standard Kit
    Hiwonder Standard Kit
    USD 184.11
  10. Hiwonder Starter Kit
    Hiwonder Starter Kit
    USD 99.78
  11. Boson Inventor Kit
    Boson Inventor Kit
    USD 263.51
  12. Boson Science Kit
    Boson Science Kit
    USD 146.86
  13. Boson Starter Kit
    Boson Starter Kit
    USD 84.32
  14. Mbot V1.1 - Blue (bluetooth Version)
    Mbot V1.1 - Blue (bluetooth Version)
    USD 103.30
  15. Sphero Mini Activity Kit - Asia
    Sphero Mini Activity Kit - Asia
    USD 89.95

Items 16-30 of 205

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