Sleep (a Little Book Of Self Care)

By DK UK ()

New sleep science tells us that poor sleep is linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer and a shorter lifespan. We also now know that different people require different amounts of sleep, and that age and gender play a role in how much sleep we need and when we need it. This book sets sleep in context - as one of the key foundation stones of good health - and, crucially, gives you over 50 practical sleep strategies, so that you can reset your sleep patterns to suit you. The targeted sleep-promoting meditation, movement and stress-relief exercises and science-based strategies in this book are part of a 360 degree approach to sleep - making excellent sleep a reality for even the most challenged of sleepers. Wake up to the true power of sleep.
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Number of Pages : 144
Publisher : DK UK
Publication Date : Dec 26, 2019
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