Soap Dish

An eco soap dish made of carbonised bamboo.

Perfect soap dish to extend lifespan of a cold process soap bar and reduce wastage.
Great as a gift set. Classy, elegant design looks great in any bathroom.

- Carbonised Bamboo
- Tapered design allows bar to sit securely on dish
- Wide gap to allow full drainage of water to prevent bar from sitting in water.
- Elevated design allows bar to be fully aired with no soap mush on the bathroom table top
- Simple wide design to minimise soap being trapped in crevices
- Easy to wash.

All soap will be shipped in upcycled milk and juice cartons contributed by the community as part of our eco-friendly movement

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 9.50
Product Details
Weight : 44.00g
Dimension : 110 x 75 x 20(mm)