Solve These F*cking Puzzles: Delight Your Salty Gutter Brain With Hours of Badass Cryptograms, Crosswords and Other Mind-F*cks


Badass Cryptograms, Crosswords, and Word Searches for Hours of Mind-F*cking Fun You're no dipsh*t! You know that solving puzzles can boost your mental acuity and creative thinking. Well guess what else science says is good for your brain? That's f*cking right--profanity! Cursing has even been proven to boost your physical and emotional health. It's basically mother nature's wonder drug. Combine the powers of puzzles and profanity and--hot damn!--you're going to be unf*ckingstoppable! So grab a pencil and delight your salty brain with a f*ckton of profanity puzzles--from crosswords, word searches, and drop quotes to cryptograms, acrostics, and scrambles. What the hell are you waiting for? Solve these f*cking puzzles!
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Val Garrity has been constructing puzzles for a long damn time. His work has been described as wildly hedonistic by the international press, and he's the only person ever to receive back-to-back restraining orders at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Val is absolutely not a pseudonym for Will Shortz, and he wants to be very f*cking clear about that.

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Binding : Paperback / softback
Number of Pages : 208
Publisher : Alpha Books
Publication Date : Nov 19, 2019
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ISBN-13 : 9781465483751