Sounds and Sins of Singlish and Other Nonsense

By Rex Shelley

Feel like a goondu when you ask for a cuppa in a kopitiam? Wish you could charm everyone from the chattering aunties in the crowded streets of Chinatown to the beaming makcik in the Gelang Serai soto mee store? Or perhaps buaya that seksy girl with witty rapport? SOS of Singlish reveals our language sins against English and is stuffed with trivia, gems and devilishly funny nonsense. It will aggravate academics, titillate with unexpected jokes, and educate you on the snags and wrong sounds of Singlish.

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About Author

Rex Shelley

Rex Shelley was born in 1930. He belongs to a fading generation of Singaporeans that has seen the last vestiges of the Colonial raj, lived through the Pacific war and the Japanese Occupation, and experienced he trials and uncertainty during the turbulent struggle for independence and the radical changes following it. This prolific author has published several books including The Shrimp People, People of The Pear Tree, Island in the Centre and A River of Roses

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814677721