Spiralscopes: Amazing Animals

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Take creativity to a whole new level with Hinkler's Spiralscopes series. This truly unique format is the next evolution in mindfulness and colouring for adults. Spiralscopes provides a super-simple but wonderfully fun way to create amazing artwork. What may look like a mere spiral on the page becomes an amazingly detailed image once the spiral is coloured in with a marker pen. Adoptees of this innovative new pastime will be amazed as an impressive array of wild animals emerge from each spiral. Spiralscopes is Hinkler's new format to watch, with its truly unparalleled approach to the adult colouring trend!
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Number of Pages : 64
Publisher : Hinkler Books
Publication Date : Jun 1, 2020
Weight : 460.00g
Sku : 9781488918032
Dimension : 290 x 290 x 5(mm)