Successful Fundraising for the Academic Library

By Henzl, Laura Sloop

Successful Fundraising for the Academic Library: Philanthropy in Higher Education covers fundraising, a task that is often grouped into a combination role that may include, for example, the university museum or performance venue, thus diluting the opportunity for successful fundraising. Because the traditional model for higher education fundraising entails the cultivation of alumni from specific departments and colleges, the library is traditionally left out, often becoming a low-performing development area with smaller appropriations for fundraising positions. Most higher education development professionals consider the library fundraising position a stepping stone into another position with higher pay and more potential for professional advancement down the road rather than as a focus for their career. However, for universities that invest in development professionals who know how to leverage the mission of libraries to the larger alumni and friend community, the results include innovative and successful approaches to messaging that resonates with donors. This book provides information that applies to all fundraising professionals and academic leaders looking to strengthen their programs with philanthropic support, even those beyond university libraries.Makes the case for university libraries as a viable avenue for donor engagement that translates to all academic areas of higher education fundraisingHighlights the importance of collaborative relationships and fundraising strategies with academic leaders, donors, and fundraising staffOutlines strategies that have resulted in fundraising success for academic and research libraries at universities of varying size and culture
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Henzl, Laura Sloop

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Publisher : Chandos Publishing
Publication Date : Oct 7, 2016
ISBN-13 : 9780081012383