Super Bowl Marriage

By Owens, Terry

A Playbook for the Greatest Team Sport Ever PlayedThis could be the teams breakout year. A new coach. A new system. And a couple of impact players that could take the team deep into the playoffseven the Super Bowl. The potential is there, but will the team come together? Will they bounce back if they lose a couple of early games? Are they tough enough to play through the injuries and still perform at the championship level?Every NFL team thats serious about winning a title has to answer those questions. And so does every husband-and-wife team thats serious about a Super Bowl Marriage.Super Bowl Marriage tells the stories of some of the NFLs most dramatic games, toughest players, and creative coachesthen skillfully links their lessons to lifes greatest team sport--marriage. Test your knowledge of the Super Bowl-era and learn how Bill Walsh, John Elway, Brian Urlacher, and others can help your marriage team win the championship game. From the honeymoon training camp through the fourth quarter final drive of growing old together, you and your spouse need to keep your game day focus. Success in marriage will depend on your ability to give it all for the team, do what the coaches say, and play through the pain. You two can hoist the trophy as winners in a life-long, loving relationship.Finally, a marriage playbook for the intense and exhilarating team sport of being husband and wife!Marriage can be as thrilling, demanding, and complex as any high stakes football game. Its potential for unparalleled satisfaction and joy is matched only by its potential for incredible pain and disillusionment. On the gridiron of life, where the consequences for fumbling can be disastrous, marriage is risky. You can stand on the sidelines, hoping things work out with your spouse, or rise to the challenge and know the thrill of a Super Bowl Marriage.From the Hardcover edition.
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Owens, Terry

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Publisher : WaterBrook
Publication Date : Jul 14, 2010
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